Water Softener System

Water Softener  System Can Prevent Household Plumbing Damage

water softener systems

Hard water in your house is nothing short of a complicated situation. The mineral-laden liquid can mess up your appliances and shorten their lifespan, while deteriorating the functionality of your pipes also. In some circumstances, hard water can even affect your health and cause serious health hazards. Fortunately, you can confront the issues that hard water poses to your home plumbing with a water softening system that will keep your pipes, family, and appliances safe. Hardenburgh Plumbing handles water softener systems installation and repair.


Appliances That Run Risks

Hard water is full of minerals like magnesium and calcium, and can be found in any regions of North America, specifically areas with lots of sedimentary rock like limestone. The minerals will build-up in your pipes and appliances in a form of scale which creates a plethora of problems for your plumbing system.

As scale builds up and accumulates in the water heater tank, it insulates the liquid from the burner, meaning it takes longer and more energy to bring the water to the desired temperature. The scale buildup will then corrode the inside of the tank which eventually leads to leaks and jammed valves. Hard water also makes it harder for soap to turn into lather; instead it turns into more of a scummy texture. That means your washing machine and dishwasher won’t run as well; leaving your clothes dirty and your dishes not washed accurately or to your satisfaction.


Clogging the Pipes

When you don’t have the proper water softener system, the high mineral content in your water poses an issue to your household plumbing itself. As the scale builds up, the flow of water that comes from your faucets will be reduced. Meanwhile, the pressure that builds up behind the blockage will eventually lead to a leak in the pipe.

Aside from just damaging the pipes, the scale can also cause trouble for your own health. Mineral buildups themselves aren’t too dangerous to their health, but the scaly formations that are created inside the pipes are an area where bacteria take hold and create biofilm. Biofilms can hold bugs that cause noxious illnesses and diseases. Then, if the water backs up into the drain, you and your family can be exposed and infected by the dangerous bacterias which causes illness and health hazards.


Hurry Up and Get Your Water Softener System Updated Today

One way to combat hard water is to ensure that a Boca Raton plumber performs regular maintenance on your home plumbing to keep your water heater from degrading and your pipes in good working order. You can also install a brand new water softener into your home plumbing system. The softener releases its own chemicals into the water to fight off calcium and magnesium. Be advised, however, that a number of water softener systems use sodium so some homes may refer to maintain a separate untreated cold water line for cooking, irrigation, and drinking.

If you are worried or suspect that you have hard water in your home plumbing, call a qualified Boca Raton plumber that can help you counteract some of the existing damage and install a water softener system to prevent future issues.




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