Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance

Water heater maintenance is important to provide steady hot water to your home, for washing dishes and clothes and showers. Although inconsistent water only starts off as a moderate inconvenience, it can quickly turn into a plumbing problem that alters your quality of life.

Water Heater Maintenance

An annual water heater check-up ensures your hot water heater is operating as it should be.These maintenance check-ups also isolate any problems at their earliest stages so we can resolve them for you before they turn into a huge issue.

Home Water Heater Maintenance and Service

Thankfully, there are some water heater maintenance tasks that you can perform between maintenance visits. This keeps your water heater tied over until it next annual inspection.

It’s important that every week you check to make sure that the hot water is at the heat it usually is. Check the temperature settings that are on the unit then run the water to see how long until the hot water arrives. If it seems to be taking longer or the temperature decreases, it may need to be adjusted.
Doing this simple step can keep your water heater from having to work harder to produce the same amount of hot water you use daily. If you’ve got guests coming you may want to adjust the settings to keep up the demand of hot water with more users.

Annual Professional Hot Water Heater Maintenance

To ensure that your hot water heater is working properly and continues to work properly all year, schedule annual professional hot water heater maintenance from a local plumber you can trust. Cleaning and draining your tank will go a long way towards keeping your system in great condition.

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