Video Sewer Inspections, a Peek into the Unknown

Video Sewer Inspections

Palm Beach is home to some of the most beautiful natural habitats in the world. Residents care greatly about the health of themselves and the environment. However, one of the most prevalent dangers to human and environmental health that is often overlooked is raw sewage.


 Video Sewer Inspections


Sewage systems are a necessary evil in modern society. For so many, the idea of out of sight out of mind causes an unintended negligence to sewage issues of private and commercial properties alike. It is not until a costly and detrimental sewage system malfunction, that the nasty reality of the system resonates in the minds of property owners.

It is important to manage a private sewage system before major issues arise. For properties that own or are in close proximity to private water, symptoms such as algal blooms may be an indication of unseen seepage. Other indications are smells and poor water drainage or regurgitation. Although in many cases, there are no indications of an issue until it has progressed to heightened proportions.

Most often symptoms of exposure are mild. Headaches, diarrhea and abdominal pain are among the common culprits. Even in minute levels, health effects from raw sewage exposure are varied. Bacterial infections, parasites and viruses all can be acquired at the hands of a poorly maintained system, including:

– Bacterial infections such as E. coli 0157:H7, legionella pneumonia, vibrio cholera, salmonella and cyanobacteria among others.
– Parasites such as giardia lamblia, microsporidia and toxoplasma gondii.
– Viruses such as the adenoviruses, echoviruses and even hepatitis viruses.

The reach of possible health effects is almost boundless; it is for that reason that sewage system care must be taken seriously. Taking a peek at Palm Beach Video Sewer Inspections is a great way to see what variety of problems tend to lurk in private sewage systems. Such videos allow the viewing of sewage repair and maintenance issues that may be hard to fully understand without visual aid. Remember, a proactive approach to sewage upkeep can prevent costly and health endangering consequences in the future. When it comes to something as indispensable as a sewage system, it is best to be one step ahead.

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