Plumbing Inspections Checklist


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Plumbing inspections in west palm beach should be conducted on your house every year, just as your heater is serviced every fall and your air conditioner is serviced every spring. A thorough annual plumbing inspection can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs down the line should something unforeseen happen. The following is my checklist to complete an inspection.

Water Heater
The water heater should be checked annually to insure there is no rust or corrosive build-up. The flue pipe, pressure relief valve, pilot and burner assembly and the electrical and gas valve connections all should be checked to insure they are in good working order. The temperature setting should be noted as should the tank capacity, and finally, the shut off valve should be checked to insure that it is working properly.

Leaky toilets can not only waste over one hundred gallons of water a day, but it can also waste a lot of your money in the form of your water bill. Annual toilet plumbing inspections on all toilets would include checking the supply line, shut off valve, flapper and flush valve, and ballcock. Finally, a flush test will be given to spot any leaks.

A leaky faucet can not only be annoying, but can also waste water and money. When inspecting each sink in your house, I would check the supply line and shut off valve. I would also check for any faucet or waste line leaks and check the drains for clogs. In the kitchen, I would check the garbage disposal, the DW aircap and shut off switch.

Each tub faucet and showerhead will be checked for leaks and all drains checked for clogs.

Miscellaneous Items
There are also  other plumbing inspections related items in your home, such as your ice maker’s line and shut off switch. Your sump pump will be inspected to insure that it is in good working condition.

Your laundry room is another area that needs  plumbing inspections. Your washer supply lines will be checked, as well as the washer drain hook-up and laundry tub assembly. If you have any floor drains in your house, those will be inspected for clogs, as well. And finally, I will check your main water shut off valve to insure that it is in good working condition.

As you can see from the large checklist I have, there are quite a few important items that should be inspected on an annual basis. Set up your appointment today so we can get started.

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