Money-saving tips for water heaters

Getting the most out of  water heaters


money-saving tips for water heaters Don’t let your water heater drain away your nest egg. In a typical household, the hot water heater uses more energy than any other appliance except for the heating and cooling systems, so it’s important to maximize its efficiency in order to realize the most savings.

The first step is to evaluate the appliance itself: If your water heater is a decade or more old, it might be time to replace it entirely with a newer model. Barring that, there are other actions you can take around the house to reduce your usage and your bills. Follow these tips to conserve hot water and save on your energy bills, without resorting to cold showers in the middle of winter.


What type of water heater should you buy?

Purchase a water heater certified by Energy Star, which are 14 to 55 percent more efficient than required by federal standards.Gas water heaters almost always cost less to fuel than electric models.Tankless water heaters work instantaneously rather than storing the hot water, which can save energy because stored water cools down and may have to be heated multiple times.

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