Toilet Troubles Say Goodby

5 Common Causes of Toilet troubles and How to Prevent Them

A clogged toilet creates a lot of problems in the home. For one, the clogs run the risk of causing overflows and floods. Water damage is often difficult to avoid when a major flood breaks out. If five causes for clogs are present, then avoiding a flood is pretty difficult.

Five Main Reasons for Clogs

There are five major reasons for clogs and homeowners and apartment dwellers should be aware of them. Major clogs are often a result of:
1.) Flushing too much toilet tissue. Tissue does not exactly dissolve when it touches water. So, too much toilet tissue is going to create blockages in the drain. A flood is impossible to avoid when this occurs.
2.) Flushing the wrong kind of tissue down the toilet. Hand towels are very thick and even if you’re only flushing one after having dried off your hands, you may end up causing an overflow. As a rule, do not put hand towels down the toilet at all.
3.) Improperly disposing of things that should be thrown out. Cat litter is not supposed to go down the toilet. It belongs in the trash can. The same is true for the rubber gloves you used to clean up the bathroom. A toilet is not a makeshift substitute for a rubbish bin or garbage disposal. Do not put things down the toilet drain that the plumbing was not designed for.

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