Toilet Repairs Service Boca Raton, Fl

Toilet Repairs Service Boca Raton

When the toilets have problems with running and leaking it’s a real plumbing mess. If this happens you can call a local plumber that will assist you in trying to resolve your  toilet repairs service.

The toilet has a lot of different things that can cause problems. The first one is the flapper valve, the flapper valve controls the water going into the bowl from the tank.

Now many companies have different types of flapper valves so you should know what kind of toilet you have to get the right parts.

Toilet Repairs Service Boca Raton, Fl

Toilet Repairs Service Boca Raton, Fl

There are different places that you can go to buy a flapper valve. In most large cities like Boca Raton there are different types plumbing supply houses that stock brands that they carry for parts. Some plumbing supply houses may have your part they may not have your part or they have to order it.

The next thing on your list would be the ballcock. The ballcock controls the water supply to the amount of water in the tank using a float ball to open and close the supply. When the toilet is running into the overflow tube, the ballcock needs to be replaced. Other situations that occur with the toilet is the handle for the toilet flushing mechanism is broken the to the handle needs to be replaced. When replacing a flapper valve with a new one and it still does not work then the Douglas valve needs to be replaced.

The Douglas valve is the overflow tube that leads to a plastic seat that flapper valve seats to close the water from draining out of the tank. When the Douglas valve needs to be replaced, the tank needs to be removed from the base. The new Douglas valve will be installed after removing the old and a gasket between the Douglas valve and the tank will be installed.

A new gasket will be installed between the tank and the base. When completing the job of installing the Douglas valve new tank bolts will be installed between the tank in the base. The washers should be placed on both sides of the tank and bowl watertight conditions.

Most Boca Raton plumbers have complete rebuild kits on their truck so it is better to rebuild the complete toilet at one time. The supply line is the line that goes from the angle valve to the commode and over years of service they can start to leak.

The new supply lines that they have today are made of braided steel. These types of supply lines last a very long time. If water is found on the floor around the toilet, the homeowner should take his hand and wipe underneath the tank and around the supply line to locate the source of the leak. When a toilet is leaking around the base there’s a good chance that the toilet needs to be regrout and a wax ring should be installed to make sure this would not happen again.

Toilets can cost anywhere is from $4000-$89 it’s depending on the taste of the homeowner. It’s important that the availability of the parts can be gotten at a nearby plumbing supply house. Most supply houses carry Kohler American Standard and toto. Sometimes the cost of these toilets to repair them cost more than the getting a new toilet.

If you need toilet repairs service  call Hardenburgh Plumbing (561) 968-0000. .

Bathroom Tips and Maintenance

Bathroom Tips and Maintenance

These helpful tips should help to keep your bathroom running smoothly and efficiently.


• Fit strainers in your showers and tubs to catch soap chips, jewelry, and hair. Empty these strainers regularly.
• Once a week run hot water down your drains to keep it free-flowing.
• Repair leaky faucets as soon as you notice a leak to stop further damage to the faucets and fixtures from occurring.
• Don’t flush cotton balls, q-tips, facial tissue, paper towels, diapers, or make-up pads down the toilet. They will not dissolve and can cause a major clog in the lines.
• To remove mineral deposits on your showerhead, put a cup of white vinegar in a plastic bag and place it over the shower head. Use a twist tie to hold it in place and let it stand overnight. In the morning, take the bag down and use a damp cloth to wipe off the mineral deposits.

Showerhead Maintenance

Over time the holes in your showerhead can get clogged with mineral deposits that cause an uneven spray. In order to clean, follow the steps below:

• Unscrew swivel ball nut – in order to do this you will need channel-type pliers or adjustable wrench. You can wrap the jaws of the tools with masking tape to stop the finishing from getting scratched.
• Unscrew collar nut from the showerhead.
• Clean the inlet and outlet holes of the showerhead gently with a thin wire.
• Flush the showerhead with clean water.
• If your showerhead has built-up mineral deposits you may need to soak it overnight in vinegar. When you’re done, reassemble the showerhead.

Testing Toilets for Leaks

Check your toilets water level in the tank and make sure it’s not overflowing where the overflow pipe is (the pipe in the middle of the tank with a small piece of tubing connecting to it.)

• If you’re seeing water run into the overflow pipe, simply adjust the fill valve until the water stops about one inch below the top of the overflow tube.
• Put a few drops of food coloring into your tank to test the flush valve mechanism.
• Check your bowl after 15-20 minutes. If the water in your toilet bowl has changed colors, you need to replace the ball or flapper because it’s leaking.