Shower Plumbing Installation Wellington, Fl

Shower Plumbing Installation  Wellington, Fl

Shower Plumbing Installation is made when getting in and out of the bathtub is a problem.

Supply houses, Home Depot or Lowe’s have prefabricated fiberglass shower enclosure which is much easier than installing tile and putting in a shower pan or drain.Larger companies like Kohler, American Standard, and Briggs have available different colors to fit your taste.

Shower Plumbing Installation Wellington, Fl

Shower Plumbing Installation Wellington

A lot of the tubs of today are constructed with steel and they are not as heavy as the old-time cast-iron bathtub. The duration of a steel tub is limited because of the rust and the paint fading which will need to be replaced.

Let’s start with your Shower Plumbing Installation

The tiles around the lip of the tub and the drain need to be removed and clean the area from all the broken tile and dirt.

The bathtub drain is one and a half inches a shower drain is two inches in diameter. The drain needs to be moved about 3 to 4 inches to the center of the shower area.

The next thing that has to be performed in the process of installing a shower is to jackhammer the floor and move the shower drain. Under the floor shower drain is cast-iron or copper depending on the age of the house.

The piping system has to be cut and 2-inch drain must be installed correctly. After the drain is installed sand and cement will be needed to smooth the area where the drain was installed. The drain for the shower must be level to the floor to install.

The shower pan is made of neoprene which lasts a long time it’s like a rubber plastic construction.

The shower pan needs to be spread over the intended pan area and secured to the shower drain. The pan needs to overlap the shower area about 10 inches so that the shower pan material will go behind the wonder board which makes a seal for the water. The pan needs to have a certain pitch so the excess water will go toward the shower drain this can be achieved by sand and mortar.

The shower valve needs to be raised from the area of the bathtub to the standing position for the shower. There are a lot of different types of shower valve companies that are out there. Some good name valves companies are Moen, Delta, and Kohler.

These shower valves can be displayed at your local plumbing supply house or Home Depot so the homeowner can decide. Moen is probably the favorite of plumbers because it looks and lasts a long time the maintenance and repair of the valve are unique.

In Wellington people retire and converting a bathtub to a shower is a very common thing. When the elderly people in Wellington need a Shower Plumbing Installation is important to also install handicap handrails in their shower. Hardenburgh plumbing can handle all kinds plumbing projects give us a Call (561) 968-0000 🙂