Septic Tank Troubles Wellington, Fl

Septic Tank Troubles Wellington, Fl

Septic tank troubles begin when it is not cleaned and pumped out correctly if this is done well the homeowner should have many years of continuous use without any big repairs.

It is important to have a septic tank contractor or a plumber that does septic tanks. Not all plumbers do work on septic tanks. The reason is that special equipment is needed to handle the septic tanks.

Equipment for Septic Tank Troubles

  • The first piece of equipment that a septic tank contractor will need is a pump truck this removes the waste from the tank and dumps it in a specific area.
  • The next piece of equipment that is needed is a backhoe and dump truck to install and remove old tanks and drain fields with new ones. A lot of plumbers do not want the investment of the equipment so they choose to refer to another contractor.

The homeowner selects a contractor that treats them fairly and dependable. There are some contractors out there which sell new systems when the homeowner doesn’t need them so beware and keep your eyes open.

What is a septic tank?

A septic tank is a large cement or fiberglass tank that holds the solid waste from going into the drain field. The solid wastes when they come from the house to go to the bottom of the tank in the water drains out of the tank into the drain field.

Septic Tank Troubles Wellington,Fl

Septic Tank Troubles Wellington, Fl

A drain field is a piping system that has holes which drains the water in a gravel bed area which returns to the ground.

There are many types of designs for drain fields but the basic understanding of the concept makes it easier in your mind to understand.


Today there are very new modern developments and designs were drains systems that make the installation more affordable and efficient.

The homeowner should keep in mind that to have a drain field system work correctly the tank should be pumped out every three years religiously.

When the pump out is done the solid wastes never build up causing the drain field to plug up. An average drain field is about 5000 to 8000 and repair cost depending on the local health department requirements. So why spend the extra money if you are well-informed about a drain field and septic tank.

When a homeowner decides to buy a house that has a septic tank make sure the seller will provide the information about when the tank was pumped out or you could have a septic tank contractor inspect the system and pump it as well.

When the septic tank contractor is inspecting the tank you could ask him if he would remove the lid on the drain field side and take a garden hose and injected into the drain field and let and let the water run if there is no problem than the drain field is operating correctly.

If the drain field water starts to back up then the drain field needs to be replaced by a contractor. Also when buying a house in the Wellington area and there’s a septic tank make sure that your water well for the house is a minimum of 100 feet between the drain field and the water well.

If any homeowner has any questions about Septic Tank Troubles please call Hardenburgh plumbing (561) 968-0000 expert plumbing contractor with 30 years experience 🙂