Common Septic Tank Problems and Remedies

Septic Tank Problems .Some Solutions

Homeowners are not likely to think about their septic tank problems until  them arises. There are several common problems that people with septic tanks may encounter, and in most cases, a plumber can help fix those issues.

septic tank problems

Septic Tank

One of the most common ways a person knows they have trouble with their septic tank occurs when the toilets begin to clog. If the toilets in a home begin draining really slowly, there are probably septic tank problems. Another way people often notice a issue is when they smell something outside that does not smell right. Upon examining the septic tank, there is most likely water sitting in the septic field causing the smell.

When a septic tank system begins having problems, it is important to call a plumber to fix them as soon as possible. When a problem occurs, it is either because the tank if full, there is a leak somewhere or there is a clogged line. There are additional septic tank problems as well; however, these are the most common.

Many homeowners may wonder what causes problems. One of the biggest reasons a septic has troubles is because a homeowner uses too much water. A septic tank will naturally drain water from it. If the system cannot keep up with the quantity of water, it may cause the system to back-up or it might lead to sewage water leaking into a yard. Another cause of septic issues comes from non-biodegradable waste going down drain lines. This includes bleach, chemicals and household cleaners. If these are not biodegradable, they will not break down properly and can cause clogs and other problems.

To avoid problems with a septic tank, a homeowner should schedule regular septic tank cleanings. This should be done every two to four years. Homeowners should also be cautious when using cleaning products, and should only use biodegradable products. Finally, homeowners should reduce the amount of water they use daily. This can be accomplished by shortening showers, using faster cycles on dishwashers and washing machines, and installing different shower heads, made for this purpose.

If you are having problems with your septic tank, call a professional plumber today. He can investigate your system and tell you what the problem is caused by. He will also be able to fix your problem and get your system running properly once again. Be sure to ask him about a regular maintenance schedule to help your system run properly all year- long.

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