Replacing Polybutylene Pipes Wellington, Fl

Replacing Polybutylene Pipes

Replacing Polybutylene Pipes Service

Replacing Polybutylene Pipes

Replacing Polybutylene Pipes

In Wellington area are houses that were built in the 1970s and through the 1990s and installed with polybutylene pipes. In those houses, there is a plumbing nightmare and it’s just waiting to happen.

The major problem with polybutylene pipes is the connection. The piping would slide over the brass sleeve and an aluminum or brass ring would be pressed on the connection with a tool. Over a period of time, these connection joints would become faulty and break causing major floods in houses and businesses.

The water damage would be very high in cost. So if a homeowner or a potential homeowner encounters polybutylene pipe in their house then they should make arrangements to Replace Polybutylene Pipes before it creates major damage to the home.

Many the insurance companies will not write a policy if the home has not been replacing polybutylene pipes inside.  If your realtor has an inspection service that they recommend get another opinion from a licensed plumbing contractor to see if you really have this problem in your house.

Now if you absolutely have to have that house and it does have polybutylene then get an estimate on re-piping the house, and go and negotiate the price of the house minus the re-pipe to get the matter handled correctly.

When Replacing Polybutylene Pipes hire a plumbing contractor and drywall and painting contractor that will assist him in doing the job in a neat and mannerly way. So at the end, use the homeowner will be very satisfied with the completed job.

What does polybutylene pipes look like?

When you look at the water heater and you see the pipes coming out of the wall, the pipes even though it looks like copper it seems like it is loose in the wall.

Also, you can look under your sink in the bathroom which you can also do the same test to indicate that it is polybutylene.

Replacing Polybutylene Pipes Wellington,Fl

Another good place to check to see if you have polybutylene is in the attic.

A lot of times the plumbing would run overhead to the kitchen and the bathrooms, this would be another good indication of polybutylene in your house.

Remember in your investigation for the polybutylene, keep in mind that the gray polybutylene pipe is flexible like a garden hose. The electrical piping in the attic is a rigid gray pipe. So when you’re inspection do not assume that the electrical pipe is polybutylene.

Hardenburgh plumbing has been replacing polybutylene pipe for more than 20 years and would be more than glad to give you a free inspection to check if polybutylene exists in your home. After so they would be more than happy to give you an estimate on completely removing it from your house. Please call Hardenburgh plumbing in Wellington at (561) 968-0000 🙂