Repiping Polybutylene Boynton Beach

Repiping Polybutylene  Boynton Beach

Repiping polybutylene that has been around for almost 40 years it is one of the most convenient things available nowadays.

For many years previously copper was considered the best to install but the cost of copper would get higher and higher. So, when the developer was working on track homes cost was an important factor.

Back in the mid-70s a developer from US brass made and produced polybutylene pipe. A plastic gray pipe with connections made of brass and aluminum press rings. When the installer used a crimping tool to compress the rings it supposedly made a watertight joint.

You can find this pipe looking in the attic and do not be confused because some electrical piping that is also gray but no flexible as polybutylene is.

Repiping Polybutylene Boynton Beach

Repiping Polybutylene Boynton Beach

In the Boynton Beach area, there was a lot of houses that were built in the mid-70s and 80s. If a house has many plumbing leaks in the house there’s a good chance the piping system is polybutylene. When this happens the only way to repair plumbing leaks is re-pipe the house with copper or cpvc.

Another method of piping is Pex system which is the same idea as polybutylene but has a much better track record for having no leak problems.

If a homeowner decides to purchase a house most insurance companies will not accept it if it has polybutylene piping system, be sure to have a complete house inspection by a professional plumber before making the decision.

Repiping polybutylene Hiring a Plumbing Contractor

When your home has polybutylene pipe and you decide to ask a plumbing contractor to install a new complete pipe system you must hire a drywall contractor as well.

Hardenburgh Plumbing has been repiping polybutylene and replacing it for many years and has responded to an emergency call in the night or day to conduct major repairs because of polybutylene.

Hardenburgh Plumbing will provide a free inspection to detect what kind of pipe you have and decide if you need repipe polybutylene at no cost call us (561) 968-0000 🙂