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Whether installing pipes in a new home or repiping an older home, there are several options when choosing which piping materials to use. You will want to consider the ease of installing and methods of installation when choosing materials.

Galvanized piping was used in many older homes, and is not recommended for installation in a new home. It was fine in older homes, but over time it corrodes internally, and a build up occurs, causing the water flow to be restricted. Many homeowners today replace galvanized piping whenever possible.

Options for replacing galvanized piping, or repiping in a home include PVC, CPVC, PEX and Copper piping. PVC piping and CPVC piping are similar, although PVC piping does have the restriction that it should not be used for over 140 degrees. Most hot water in homes probably won’t go over 140 degrees, but the usual choice between PVC and CPVC piping is to go with CPVC. CPVC piping has been used for over 40 years, and will withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees.

Most newer homes have either CPVC piping or copper depending on the builder’s or homeowner’s preference when the home is built. When installing CPVC piping, certain adhesives are needed, and only the adhesives made for use with CPVC piping can be used. CPVC piping is very lightweight compared to copper, and fairly easy to install.

Copper piping has been used in homes since the 1920’s. It’s heavier weight than CPVC piping, but one of the drawbacks is that it needs to be soldered. In an older home, especially one where insulation is present near the piping, soldering may not be a good idea. Copper piping is good in that it doesn’t support bacteria growth, and it can be “bent” to fit in oddly shaped places, rather than joints being used. Copper is good where water is not highly acidic. If water is acidic, tiny “pin hole” leaks can occur eventually. It has a smaller external diameter than CPVC piping and is very heat resistant.

PEX tubing has been used for plumbing purposes since the 1980’s and many installers like PEX piping because of it’s flexibility; it can be turned to a 90 degree bend in just 8 inches of space. Flexibility and ease repiping are the main benefits of using PEX tubing. It does require the use of brass fittings.

Whether repiping a home or installing new piping, Palm Beach Plumber can be a very valuable resource for information.

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