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Do you need a repipe plumbing service from polybutylene to pex pipe? Polybutylene pipe has been around for over 40 years. It was supposed to replace copper which was very costly at the time. When builders first realized that there was replacement for copper pipe it was really an amazing thing.

In the 1970s new advances in plumbing were made available. PVC replaced cast-iron plumbing which was used for sanitary systems and residential and commercial usage. Still today PVC is used for sanitary and irrigation systems for the home.

Polybutylene pipe came out about the same time. It was flexible it was cheaper and  labor costs were a lot less. During the early 70s copper was used a lot, the labor was more expensive because every solder joint needed to be done correctly so there would be no leaks. Polybutylene pipe was developed in California in the early 1970s the idea is to use plastic tubing and connected to a push fitting and then compress a copper ring around the joint to conceal the plastic pipe.


repipe plumbing service Boca Raton

Plumbing Repipe Service

Polybutylene was discontinued in the mid-90s because of manufacturing defects. The defects were identified as the rings got older they would have a tendency to split causing large leaks in homes which met flooding.

Repipe Plumbing Service with Pex Pipe

Pex pipe, is something of the same order but the materials have lasted a long time and presently no problems have occurred.

Repipe Plumbing Service

Repipe Plumbing Service

When a homeowner is getting ready to purchase a house he must ask if the house has any polybutylene pipe anywhere. There has been cases where the inspector who supposed to protect the homeowner from unknown problems in the house have said that there is no polybutylene and there really was. The sale of the house went through and a few years later the nightmare begins with leaks in the wall in the ceiling and in the floor.

This problem with polybutylene has been so bad that some insurance companies will not ensure home unless the pipe has been completely removed and replaced with something acceptable.

How do you find out if you have polybutylene pipe in your house?

The first thing you can do is to check the water heater is the piping in the back wall seems to be loose, and your house was built in the 1980s there’s a good chance it could be in your house.

The second way is to check in the attic to see if you can see great piping running in the ceiling polybutylene is gray in color and flexible so you can’t miss it. It is very important that you do try to remove the piping before the nightmare occurs.

Nowadays you can replace the pipe with Pex pipe or cpvc they work well and there is no complaints because it has been used for many years. The homeowner will ask the insurance company if they can help you with the cost of replacing the polybutylene pipe, the reason would be that it would eliminate future floods in the house which could cost them thousands of dollars to mitigate the water and repair costs of new construction.

If the homeowner would like Hardenburgh Plumbing to give a free inspection of their home to check for polybutylene pipe and needs a repipe plumbing service please call us at any time so we can provide the appointment to help you, call us : (561) 968-0000


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