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Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater


Every homeowner has the choice as to whether or not they elect to use a traditional tank water heater or a Tankless Water Heater system. This is a very important decision that can have lasting affects on both the health of your home and your wallet. While tank heaters have been the traditional option, there are a number of reasons why you should make the decision to go with a Tankless Water Heater today.

1. Longevity
Most tank heater systems have a life span of six to twelve years when used in a home environment. Tankless Water Heater systems, on the other hand, have a longevity of twenty years or more. This can potentially save you a substantial amount of money.

2. Safety
Tank bound water heaters must be set at an extremely high temperature in order to function properly, which results in an increased risk of home fires and potentially dangerous burns for you and your family. A tankless heater can be set at a much lower temperature and still operate efficiently. This feature makes the tankless option a much safer bet for your residence.

3. Heating Ability
If you have ever been caught off guard by a cold shower, then you know how frustrating having a tank with a limited hot water supply can be. Tank heaters have a lower hot water capacity than their tankless counterparts and often require their users to wait while hot water is replenished. Tankless heaters effectively solve this problem by producing hot water on demand for as long as is needed. For customers with large families, this is ability is definitely a huge plus.

4. Energy Costs
These days, every dollar counts. Tankless heaters can significantly reduce your home’s energy costs. Because tank heaters must store hot water, they use a large amount of energy to maintain water temperature. Tankless systems produce hot water only when needed and homeowners who go tankless can save large amounts of money on their home’s monthly energy bill.

5. Cleaner Water
Hot water tanks store heated water for long amounts of time. The standing water inside traditional tanks will often result in mineral deposits and bacteria clinging to the side of the tank. The results of this are an increased risk of tank malfunction and a lower quality of water for you residence. Because tankless heaters only store water when needed, the risk of mineral and bacterial deposits is greatly reduced.



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