Plumbing Contractors.Plumbing Permits

Plumbing Contractors. Plumbing Permits

When  Plumbing Contractors tells the homeowner that they’re going to need permits for this job, the homeowner feels that this is going to be a big  drawn-out project, it is no necessary true, the homeowner might need to take off from work in some way to sign a paper or produce ownership documentation, but it is required to comply with local building codes.

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Some Contractors would prefer not to do permits because of losing time with the inspection process. With that in mind a lot of projects and municipalities don’t get permits, but permits is a good thing because the work you’re having done is going to need inspections and Inspectors – employed by municipalities -will be there to safeguard the homeowner from faulty work.

If the Plumbing Contractors are not inclined to pull permits, there might  be for a reason. For example:

  • The Worker Compensation may be expired.
  • The liability insurance can be expired.
  •  The licensing from the state may not be updated.

So all these instances catch faulty contractors from engaging in a contract with the homeowners, and end up with not acceptable products used in their project. You can and verify a license at Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation.

Now if you have a Plumbing Contractor who pulls a lot of permits the process is a walk in the park. During the time of hurricane Andrew, many people were being cheated of their money with such under the law so-called contractors. The insurance money was plentiful and people came from all over the country to Miami-Dade County in 1992. Every con man in the United States was seeking their fortune in conning every man that he met. Miami-Dade County building and zoning, was facing an emergency of unknown portion.

When the homeowner decides to sell their house the inspection team will check all the work has been done on the house for years to safeguard the buyer. If all the work on the home was done with permits this will help the sale of the house because everything is safe. Sure it takes a little more time and some Plumbing Contractors may charge a little more to process the permits  but in the long run it is well worth and it is for your own safeguard.

If you have any questions about this matter please call me Ted Hardenburgh at Hardenburgh Plumbing ( 561) 968-0000 or Homeowners can use in Internet the keywords Boca plumber or Boca Raton plumber when looking for a Plumbing Contractor in Boca area.

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