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Handyman vs Plumbing Contractor

fix plumbing in Boca RatonA handyman is a person that repairs walls, installs doorknobs and little painting, a person that do minor repairs and renovations. Some of us remember when the handyman retired man in his 50s or 60s with a great personality that could fix plumbing things, but he always knew his limitations when he encountered a major work.

A Contractor is required to do any plumbing service, electrical work  or any work that requires a permit, he/she comes to the house, and fix plumbing problems. But today these handyman do you plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning. Handy men today, advertise and state they can fix plumbing and everything.

Homeowners invite them in their house trusting on  their plumbing skills  because their vehicles are actually advertising  license and insurance.


Fix Plumbing and Electrical Work

Plumber fix plumbing

Installing a water heater a handyman has all the necessary tools to do the job, the homeowner is impressed with his capabilities. Someone a little more educated about building and zoning laws knows that a handyman cannot install a water heater. If an accident like a fire occurs because of the wiring on the water heater was not installed correctly. The insurance company will ask the homeowner if the work was done by a professional plumber. The insurance inspector will ask for the receipt the plumber had provided after the work was done and if you not have any kind of invoice ,the fire that occurred in the house will not be covered.

When you’re homeowner, it is very important to make sure that the person you do work with is licensed and insured. When there’s a cheap deal there can be a long time expense and beware of fancy handyman.

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations your for your protection homeowner. When a person applies for a contractors license in the state of Florida. The applicant has to prove his financial responsibility and his experience to qualify to be a licensed contractor. The State of Florida has rigid requirements to protect the homeowner from fraudulent conduct. The test for the contractor’s license is conducted in two parts financial and trade knowledge.

I hope this blog was informative and helpful for the homeowners protection. When looking for a plumber in Boca Raton to fix plumbing problems,F Look up the keywords Boca plumber or Boca Raton plumber.

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