Methods of Plumbing Leak Detection

Plumbing Leak Detection

Before a plumber comes to your house you should check for yourself to see if you really have a plumbing leak detection problem.

  • Do you hear any unusual noises like water running in your home?
  • Do you see any water saturation on the wall in your house?
  • When you’re walking barefoot in your house do you feel the floor feeling unusually hot?
  • Have you checked the toilets and sinks for unusual leaks?
  • Have you going outside to check the water meter if it’s running faster?

If you do not understand how the water meter works your Water Utilities Department will  explain its operation. Palm Beach County sewer and water will be more than glad to help you with any problem you have. When you definitely know that you have a leak, then it is time to call a plumber. Ask the plumber what kind of equipment and method he’s going to use to locate your leaks.

Plumbing Leak Detection Boca Raton

leak detection equipment

Plumbing Leak Detection. Equipment and Methods.

Plumbing contractor will want to know what kind of piping is in the house, copper or cpvc. The plumber may also ask you what year was the house built. Most of the older houses use copper in this case the plumber will need to locate the piping in the floor.

A pipe locator is needed to do so, the pipe locator will send an electric current through the piping to find its underground location. When the piping is found the plumber will make a line on the floor to detect its location. When it’s location is marked, an ultrasound listening device will be used to pinpoint the leak.

. Another method is injecting hydrogen into the plumbing system and use a sniffing system to detect the location of the leak.

Another question you may want to ask yourself if the house is 40 years old and you’ve had several leaks repaired before it’s time to re-pipe your house. When I homeowners is looking in the Internet for a contractor good keywords are plumbing leak detection Wellington. Hardenburgh Plumbing can provide you with complete plumbing leak detection service Call Us: (561) 968-0000

Major Plumbing Problem Tree Root vs Sewer Line

A Major West Palm Beach Sewer Plumbing Problem | Tree Roots vs. Sewer Lines


One of the more typical West Palm Beach sewer plumbing issues that we see with sewer lines are broken sewer lines from tree roots that grow into the lines. As the tree roots grow into the lines the pipes burst. The plant roots are trying to find a source of water; buried plumbing pipes make the perfect source. Vapor is created when warm water flows inside the sewage system water pipes and leaves to the colder soil that surrounds the pipe. Tree roots search out the vapor and expand toward it until it finds the source. Generally the source of the vapor is a loose joint or crack in the pipe. Once the plant roots reach the joint or crack, they expand into the opening to get the nutrients and wetness found within. After the roots get into the pipe they continue growing, and if they aren’t disrupted then they will continue growing until they fill up the entire pipe with a hair-like root masses. These masses will catch debris from the house like grit, oils and house fats. Tree roots that grow inside of sewage system pipes are one of the most expensive West Palm Beach plumbing problems experienced by our clients.

Tree Root vs. Your Sewer Line

It may be the most extensive West Palm Beach sewer plumbing problem that you face.

One of the complicated and mysterious things about tree roots growing into sewer lines is that without a backhoe you can’t see it because it happens beneath the ground. It stinks, doesn’t it? It would be nice to keep tabs on something that can make your basement or toilet bubble up with sewage.

To better understand how sewer lines and tree roots interact, you first have to know what “a sewer lateral” is. A sewer lateral is the stretch of sewer pipe that extends from your foundation to the municipal sewer line that’s located under the street. The majority of municipalities will not fix or take other responsibility for clogged or damaged sewer laterals. If you live in West Palm Beach, hiring a plumber to handle your sewer lateral is up to the landlord or homeowner. Sometime, the homeowner is even responsible for the portion of the lateral that’s located under the sidewalk or street.

One sure sign that you are having a problem with your sewer line is having multiple plumbing fixtures back up, including your shower, sink, or toilet. Call Hardenburgh Plumbing today at (561) 968-0000 for all of your West Palm Beach Plumbing Problems.