Replacing a Sink Strainer Problem

Repairing a Sink Strainer Problem

The sink and the drain line are connected by the sink strainer assembly. A sink strainer problem arises when you have a leak, to fix it, you will  need to take it all apart.

sink strainer problem

Sink Strainer Assembly

You do not  need replacing every part (if you do not mind reusing parts) only remove and clean the sink strainer problem and replace worn washers and gaskets -the least expensive parts- seal properly where the strainer basket meets the lip of the drain line in order to avoid a leak and…you get it!

You can star giving yourself room in the place you will need to work and get  pliers, a basket strainer wrench, a plastic putty knife and plumber’s putty.

Installing a New Sink Strainer

No more Sink Strainer Problem


Sink Strainer Problem Service

  1. Disconnect the slip nuts, slide them and remove the tailpiece out of the way.
  2. Using a basket strainer wrench unscrew the locknut and tap on the lug to loosen it.
  3. Scrape off any old putty with a plastic putty knife.
  4. Replace old gaskets and washers.
  5. Underside of the strainer apply plumber’s putty and insert it into the sink.
  6. With a helper holding the strain still you must be assembled it from below.
  7. Install a new rubber washer and paper washer(drain seal or friction ring)
  8. Tighten the new locknut, connect the tailpiece to the assembly body with slip nuts and if you do not see any leak after testing with running water…you have made it!

Repairing or replacing a sink strainer problem is not a complicated work that you can do without help of an expert plumber, but if you do not have the time or you do not have skills removing and/or installing pipe fittings or simply you what a professional plumber does the job, you can rely on Hardenburgh Plumbing, Call Us:561-968-0000.