Water Heater Replacement Boca Raton, Fl

Water Heater Replacement Boca Raton, Fl

Water Heater Replacement and Installation Boca Raton, Fl

Water Heater Replacement Boca Raton, Fl

Water Heater Replacement

It’s a good idea, that you have your water heater check from a certified plumber to make sure there is no potential leaks. When a water heater becomes greater than 10 years old the chances of leaking are greater.

A water heater can leak and flood your house very easily. Flooding can cause mold damage if it’s not taking care of 24 hours after the flood.


Water heaters can be gas propane or electric. But as the years go by the tank can weaken depending on certain conditions. So it’s good idea to inspect the water heater before such a tragedy happens. When you’re uncertain of how to do the inspection please call a local plumbing contractor.

Water Heater Replacement and Installation

Water Heater Replacement and Installation

If the water heater has rust surrounding the bottom of the tank and the condition is rough it’s a good idea to replace the water heater. Sometimes you can actually see this rust leaking around the seams of the tank. This is another indication that replacement is necessary to avoid a flooding problem. Also when a tank is leaking it can have water flowing over an electrical connection which can activate electricity through the water leaking on the floor which could make a life threatening situation.

In some cases the outer skin of the water heater has no visual corrosion but the inside tank itself is leaking. The water has a tendency to leak from the very bottom. Keep in mind that when a water heater is as old as 10 years or more the energy efficient factor would be much greater with a new water heater.

Sometimes when you’re replacing a water heater the new law that has been passed about water heaters have to have a higher energy rating than the previous water heaters. The water heaters manufactured after 2015 of January need to have a higher energy rating. The energy rating is achieved by more insulation surrounding the tank.

The tank diameter could be larger than an inch and a half greater than the old tank which can make installation a nightmare. So what this means is that a person that had a 40 gallon water heater probably will need to settle for a 30 gallon water heater because the restrictions of the space needed to install the water heater.

Water heaters can be a virtual timebomb in condominium associations because the water heaters are located under the air handler in the apartment. The space under the air handler is so confined that being able to cut the water heater out is not a pleasant one, so the installation of water heater is prolonged for a longer period of time. Until the tank is in danger of bursting at any moment. The tank can bust open with any harsh movements.

Another nightmare of installing a water heater in a condominium association is if the shut off valve is holding correctly. A lot of the older condos have gate valves which are old and corroded and need to be replaced with a ball valve so that turning the water off is an easy operation.

If you have any questions about changing your water heater please call Hardenburgh plumbing at 561-968-0000.

Toilet Repairs Service Boca Raton, Fl

Toilet Repairs Service Boca Raton

When the toilets have problems with running and leaking it’s a real plumbing mess. If this happens you can call a local plumber that will assist you in trying to resolve your  toilet repairs service.

The toilet has a lot of different things that can cause problems. The first one is the flapper valve, the flapper valve controls the water going into the bowl from the tank.

Now many companies have different types of flapper valves so you should know what kind of toilet you have to get the right parts.

Toilet Repairs Service Boca Raton, Fl

Toilet Repairs Service Boca Raton, Fl

There are different places that you can go to buy a flapper valve. In most large cities like Boca Raton there are different types plumbing supply houses that stock brands that they carry for parts. Some plumbing supply houses may have your part they may not have your part or they have to order it.

The next thing on your list would be the ballcock. The ballcock controls the water supply to the amount of water in the tank using a float ball to open and close the supply. When the toilet is running into the overflow tube, the ballcock needs to be replaced. Other situations that occur with the toilet is the handle for the toilet flushing mechanism is broken the to the handle needs to be replaced. When replacing a flapper valve with a new one and it still does not work then the Douglas valve needs to be replaced.

The Douglas valve is the overflow tube that leads to a plastic seat that flapper valve seats to close the water from draining out of the tank. When the Douglas valve needs to be replaced, the tank needs to be removed from the base. The new Douglas valve will be installed after removing the old and a gasket between the Douglas valve and the tank will be installed.

A new gasket will be installed between the tank and the base. When completing the job of installing the Douglas valve new tank bolts will be installed between the tank in the base. The washers should be placed on both sides of the tank and bowl watertight conditions.

Most Boca Raton plumbers have complete rebuild kits on their truck so it is better to rebuild the complete toilet at one time. The supply line is the line that goes from the angle valve to the commode and over years of service they can start to leak.

The new supply lines that they have today are made of braided steel. These types of supply lines last a very long time. If water is found on the floor around the toilet, the homeowner should take his hand and wipe underneath the tank and around the supply line to locate the source of the leak. When a toilet is leaking around the base there’s a good chance that the toilet needs to be regrout and a wax ring should be installed to make sure this would not happen again.

Toilets can cost anywhere is from $4000-$89 it’s depending on the taste of the homeowner. It’s important that the availability of the parts can be gotten at a nearby plumbing supply house. Most supply houses carry Kohler American Standard and toto. Sometimes the cost of these toilets to repair them cost more than the getting a new toilet.

If you need toilet repairs service  call Hardenburgh Plumbing (561) 968-0000. .

Bathroom-Shower Remodeling Service Boca Raton, Fl

Bathroom-Shower Remodeling  Boca Raton

Many people who live in Boca Raton have come from other places in the country to retire. In Boca Raton there is a large majority of the people in the area that are retired, because of the beautiful weather that we have.

When senior citizens get older sometimes having a bathtub is not the best idea. Senior citizens have to get around the best way they can, but things can happen a slip in the fall the bathtub. The best idea is to have a plan before they are unable to get around so well. A lot of people who are seniors and they want to keep the house that they live in usually decide to make it accessible and easier to do daily functions.

Removing the Bathtub and Installing a Shower

The first thing that comes in mind is removing the bathtub and installing a shower. And the shower you can install a chair to set while taking a shower. Also you can install grab bars to maintain your balance. When the homeowner does the conversion it helps a lot to maintain their independence. A local plumbing contractor would be more than glad to give you an estimate on converting the bathtub to the shower.

Bathroom-Shower Remodeling Boca Raton

Bathroom-Shower Remodeling Boca Raton

The old bathtub needs to be removed and the shower drain must be installed. When removing the old bathtub about 10 inches of tile around the tub needs to be removed. The drain in the bathtub must be unscrewed and removed to remove the tub. If the bathtub is made of cast-iron the tub can be removed breaking with a sledgehammer.

The project of removing the tub and installing a shower is about a two day project with a plumber. The tile contractor usually takes another 2 to 3 days to finish the job. When the job is completed, the senior citizen will be able to not worry so much about falling in the top.

Now let’s get back to finishing the project. After removing the old bathtub the area must be cleaned of all the broken tiles and dirt. A curb needs to be constructed with pressure-treated wood so that rotting does not occur. The shower curb is about 4 inches high.

The neoprene shower pan material will be folded in all four corners and overlapped with the curb. Neoprene is a rubberized pan that goes under the shower tiles to protect the water from penetrating into the wall. Then new wonder board, which is the board that tile is placed on when it is installed. Before installing the pan, the shower drain needs to be installed.

The average shower drain is 2 inch but a bathtub drain is inch and a half. The contractor will have to install 2 inch piping so that a trap for the shower can be installed in the floor usually in the center of the shower. After the shower drain is installed the neoprene pan can be installed. It is very important to keep in mind that the shower and should be tested to make sure there are no leaks.

Bathroom-Shower Remodeling -Testing the Shower Pan

The method of testing the shower pan is with a 2 inch test ball to be inserted in the drain for a period of 24 hours before the tile can be installed. A project of this nature needs to be inspected by the Boca Raton plumbing department of the city. The inspector will require the contractor who is overseeing the project to get a permit from Boca Raton city. This is for the protection of our homeowner.

After the shower can have been installed then we raise the bathtub valve to the height for the shower to be usable. When selecting a shower valve that is simple to repair and durable, a plumbing contractor’s favorite choice of valve would be Moen.

For the senior citizens the Moen pos-temp valve would work much easier than to handles. The movement of the valve is much better because of little restriction. Senior citizens with arthritis in her hands would find this to be much easier to handle.

In the process if homeowner would like the plumbing contractor to install a handheld shower, so that the homeowner sits in a chair in the shower it’s much easier to wash with. When the tile contractor installs the tiles on the wall it is important to tell that you would like to have several grab bars around the shower area to support getting in and out of the shower safely.

Hardenburgh plumbing  561-968-0000.

Methods of Plumbing Leak Detection

Plumbing Leak Detection

Before a plumber comes to your house you should check for yourself to see if you really have a plumbing leak detection problem.

  • Do you hear any unusual noises like water running in your home?
  • Do you see any water saturation on the wall in your house?
  • When you’re walking barefoot in your house do you feel the floor feeling unusually hot?
  • Have you checked the toilets and sinks for unusual leaks?
  • Have you going outside to check the water meter if it’s running faster?

If you do not understand how the water meter works your Water Utilities Department will  explain its operation. Palm Beach County sewer and water will be more than glad to help you with any problem you have. When you definitely know that you have a leak, then it is time to call a plumber. Ask the plumber what kind of equipment and method he’s going to use to locate your leaks.

Plumbing Leak Detection Boca Raton

leak detection equipment

Plumbing Leak Detection. Equipment and Methods.

Plumbing contractor will want to know what kind of piping is in the house, copper or cpvc. The plumber may also ask you what year was the house built. Most of the older houses use copper in this case the plumber will need to locate the piping in the floor.

A pipe locator is needed to do so, the pipe locator will send an electric current through the piping to find its underground location. When the piping is found the plumber will make a line on the floor to detect its location. When it’s location is marked, an ultrasound listening device will be used to pinpoint the leak.

. Another method is injecting hydrogen into the plumbing system and use a sniffing system to detect the location of the leak.

Another question you may want to ask yourself if the house is 40 years old and you’ve had several leaks repaired before it’s time to re-pipe your house. When I homeowners is looking in the Internet for a contractor good keywords are plumbing leak detection Wellington. Hardenburgh Plumbing can provide you with complete plumbing leak detection service Call Us: (561) 968-0000

Water Shut Off Valve. Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing Emergency Safeguards for Your Home

The purpose of this blog is to give to the homeowners some idea how to turn the water off to their house, If there was a plumbing emergency some of  they would have no idea where to shut the water valve off. Houses in Palm Beach can vary in age from 100 years old to six months old. So, What happens if you have a  pipe burst in the house? to prevent major flooding is better to know where the water shut off valve is located.

 Plumbing Emergency Boca Raton

A broken pipe can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Water can spread within minutes throughout the house causing mold problems and water damage problems. Every home in Palm Beach County has a water meter.

If you have no idea of where your water meter is located then call Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department for the location, customer service telephone number ( 561)740-4600 option 3.

Plumber in Boca Raton

Meter Water Key

Once you know  the location then you will need a meter water key that can be found at plumbing supply house in Palm Beach County.  The cost of meter water key range from $25 to $80 depending on the material. Keep the meter water key in a location where you have quick access for a plumbing emergency. The meter box cover will open with the use of a screwdriver.

Every fixture in your house has a main shut off valve, it can be a gate valve or a ball valve.

Gates valves vs Ball Valves. Plumbing Emergency.

Plumbing Emergency Repair in Boca RatonOver the years people have used gate valves but as time goes by they have a tendency to break. Many times the plumber will completely avoid turning the valve off to a house because valve will break. So if the plumber is there doing a minor repair ask him what will it cost to replace the gate valve. There is a lot of Chinese  ball  and gate valves on the market these days that are plain junk. When you’re installing valves in your house get good quality valves like Nibco. Most plumbing supply houses have in stock Nibco valves.


Water Heater Ball Valve Benefits

The water heater is another good location to have a ball valve that shuts the cold supply to the water heater. When the cold supply is turned off the homeowner must remember turn the power supply off as well. The power supply is located in the circuit breaker panel labeled water heater or WH. This will prevent the flow of hot water in your house.

Another plumbing emergency problem that can rise from nowhere is a leaky water heater. A leaky water heater can be a major problem for the homeowner. So if a good ball valve is installed the water can be closed from the water heater supply. Then the necessary repairs by the plumber can be done in a timely manner. But until he comes you will be able to flush the toilets in the house because of the ball valve on the water heater. But keep in mind, that single handle faucets if used can backflow into the hot side and leak back into the water heater so only use the toilets.


Many times people have plumbing emergency problems in their house. If there are any questions about plumbing issues please Call Us : ( 561) 968 – 0000 or email us at hardenburghplumbing@gmail.com .When finding plumbers in Internet  use Boca plumber or Boca Raton plumber.

About Old Faucet Repair

Old Faucet Repair

old faucet repairMost of the time in our houses we have several old faucets that need to be changed. The problem is finding the parts for them could be complicated. Some homeowners think that they can get in their car, go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and find the part right on the shelf. It takes a major research on your side or simply you have an option of hiring an expert.

If you are going to call a plumber to look for those parts and make any kind of plumbing repair, keep in mind that you may get and extra payment depending of the difficulty on finding that special part.


Old Faucet Repair  vs  New models

Faucet Repair Service

When you go to the plumbing supply showrooms, they have very beautiful faucets and sinks but in five years there will not be  available parts for the faucet. There is a lot of faucets out there these days, but you want one that has been around a long time. I have been using Moen faucets for years with no complaints, that is just one of the companies that you can buy from. The homeowner nowadays can have some very elaborate bathrooms with very affordable faucets.


So when you are buying these nice beautiful faucets remember, brand name and availability of parts, and when counting on an expert plumber contractor, Call Us:

Hardenburgh Plumbing (561) 968-0000

How To Look For A Good Plumber

 How to Find a Good Plumber. Palm Beach,Fl

Good Plumber,Palm Beach Fl

Good Plumber, Palm Beach Fl

How many times have you tried to find a good plumber? The kinds who will come in quickly and fix your problem? Especially when the plumbing goes for a toss right at the most importune time, at a family gathering, when you have a full house of guests or in the middle of the night, you wake up to find your basement has flooded. It would drive anyone insane. Then there is the problem of after getting a plumber, is he going to do the job properly? Sometimes the guy you called leaves the work midway or he does not do a good job or he will start the job only to stop and hold you ransom for more money claiming he had earlier under quoted. All of this can be so hassling and time consuming. How to solve this problem? Well one way is to ask around for a referral.

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Toilet Troubles Say Goodby

5 Common Causes of Toilet troubles and How to Prevent Them

A clogged toilet creates a lot of problems in the home. For one, the clogs run the risk of causing overflows and floods. Water damage is often difficult to avoid when a major flood breaks out. If five causes for clogs are present, then avoiding a flood is pretty difficult.

Five Main Reasons for Clogs

There are five major reasons for clogs and homeowners and apartment dwellers should be aware of them. Major clogs are often a result of:
1.) Flushing too much toilet tissue. Tissue does not exactly dissolve when it touches water. So, too much toilet tissue is going to create blockages in the drain. A flood is impossible to avoid when this occurs.
2.) Flushing the wrong kind of tissue down the toilet. Hand towels are very thick and even if you’re only flushing one after having dried off your hands, you may end up causing an overflow. As a rule, do not put hand towels down the toilet at all.
3.) Improperly disposing of things that should be thrown out. Cat litter is not supposed to go down the toilet. It belongs in the trash can. The same is true for the rubber gloves you used to clean up the bathroom. A toilet is not a makeshift substitute for a rubbish bin or garbage disposal. Do not put things down the toilet drain that the plumbing was not designed for.

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Major Plumbing Problem Tree Root vs Sewer Line

A Major West Palm Beach Sewer Plumbing Problem | Tree Roots vs. Sewer Lines


One of the more typical West Palm Beach sewer plumbing issues that we see with sewer lines are broken sewer lines from tree roots that grow into the lines. As the tree roots grow into the lines the pipes burst. The plant roots are trying to find a source of water; buried plumbing pipes make the perfect source. Vapor is created when warm water flows inside the sewage system water pipes and leaves to the colder soil that surrounds the pipe. Tree roots search out the vapor and expand toward it until it finds the source. Generally the source of the vapor is a loose joint or crack in the pipe. Once the plant roots reach the joint or crack, they expand into the opening to get the nutrients and wetness found within. After the roots get into the pipe they continue growing, and if they aren’t disrupted then they will continue growing until they fill up the entire pipe with a hair-like root masses. These masses will catch debris from the house like grit, oils and house fats. Tree roots that grow inside of sewage system pipes are one of the most expensive West Palm Beach plumbing problems experienced by our clients.

Tree Root vs. Your Sewer Line

It may be the most extensive West Palm Beach sewer plumbing problem that you face.

One of the complicated and mysterious things about tree roots growing into sewer lines is that without a backhoe you can’t see it because it happens beneath the ground. It stinks, doesn’t it? It would be nice to keep tabs on something that can make your basement or toilet bubble up with sewage.

To better understand how sewer lines and tree roots interact, you first have to know what “a sewer lateral” is. A sewer lateral is the stretch of sewer pipe that extends from your foundation to the municipal sewer line that’s located under the street. The majority of municipalities will not fix or take other responsibility for clogged or damaged sewer laterals. If you live in West Palm Beach, hiring a plumber to handle your sewer lateral is up to the landlord or homeowner. Sometime, the homeowner is even responsible for the portion of the lateral that’s located under the sidewalk or street.

One sure sign that you are having a problem with your sewer line is having multiple plumbing fixtures back up, including your shower, sink, or toilet. Call Hardenburgh Plumbing today at (561) 968-0000 for all of your West Palm Beach Plumbing Problems.

Bathroom Tips and Maintenance

Bathroom Tips and Maintenance

These helpful tips should help to keep your bathroom running smoothly and efficiently.


• Fit strainers in your showers and tubs to catch soap chips, jewelry, and hair. Empty these strainers regularly.
• Once a week run hot water down your drains to keep it free-flowing.
• Repair leaky faucets as soon as you notice a leak to stop further damage to the faucets and fixtures from occurring.
• Don’t flush cotton balls, q-tips, facial tissue, paper towels, diapers, or make-up pads down the toilet. They will not dissolve and can cause a major clog in the lines.
• To remove mineral deposits on your showerhead, put a cup of white vinegar in a plastic bag and place it over the shower head. Use a twist tie to hold it in place and let it stand overnight. In the morning, take the bag down and use a damp cloth to wipe off the mineral deposits.

Showerhead Maintenance

Over time the holes in your showerhead can get clogged with mineral deposits that cause an uneven spray. In order to clean, follow the steps below:

• Unscrew swivel ball nut – in order to do this you will need channel-type pliers or adjustable wrench. You can wrap the jaws of the tools with masking tape to stop the finishing from getting scratched.
• Unscrew collar nut from the showerhead.
• Clean the inlet and outlet holes of the showerhead gently with a thin wire.
• Flush the showerhead with clean water.
• If your showerhead has built-up mineral deposits you may need to soak it overnight in vinegar. When you’re done, reassemble the showerhead.

Testing Toilets for Leaks

Check your toilets water level in the tank and make sure it’s not overflowing where the overflow pipe is (the pipe in the middle of the tank with a small piece of tubing connecting to it.)

• If you’re seeing water run into the overflow pipe, simply adjust the fill valve until the water stops about one inch below the top of the overflow tube.
• Put a few drops of food coloring into your tank to test the flush valve mechanism.
• Check your bowl after 15-20 minutes. If the water in your toilet bowl has changed colors, you need to replace the ball or flapper because it’s leaking.