Broken Water Pipe Repair Wellington, Fl

Broken Water Pipe Repair Wellington, Fl

Broken Water Pipe Repair Service Palm Beach County

Broken Water Pipe Repair Wellington, Fl

Broken Water Pipe Repair Wellington, Fl


A homeowner in Wellington from time to time need a plumber for any plumbing issues and broken water pipe repair is a common one due to water piping and houses are constructed by different piping systems.



Broken Water Pipe Repair Service

Pex Pipe- Repiping Service

In the 1950s galvanized pipe was considered the best type of plumbing available, then was copper in the 1960s, that piping is still good today. In the 1970s cpvc was a replacement for copper because of the considerable cost. Then in the 1980s, the popular pipe was polybutylene and now it’s replacement is the Pex pipe.



Galvanized just completely rusts out over the years. Copper can have problems of electrolysis when two different types of metal touch each other which weakens the copper. Many times during the installation of copper during the building of the house the roofer will throw nails everywhere to construct the house. What happens to copper over the years the nail will eventually make a small or large hole in the copper pipe.

Another problem that occurs with copper piping is the sand that should be installed around the pipe is not installed and the dirt or dirty fill will deteriorate the copper piping.

Cpvc over the years has been very effective but as the tendency to become very brittle over a period of time.

Usually, when the homeowner calls a plumbing contractor they were too rough on repair the pipe and they would have a major flood because of breaking the cpvc in the wall.

Polybutylene was effective for its time but there were manufacturing defects in the pipe most people when they buy a house need insurance. The majority of people who buy houses with polybutylene pipe inside the insurance companies will request that the polybutylene pipe is removed and install the new piping system before the policy is issued.

Broken water pipe repair occurs anytime of the day or night, it happens when we least expect it. But when a water break occurs due to causes extensive damage to the rugs and drywall. If you do not get all the water cleaned up the undetected moisture in the walls will cause mold and black mold can cause health problems.

Water Restoration / Broken Water Pipe Repair

Water restoration companies utilize all their skills to prevent this from happening. If a flood happens to the homeowner they should call a water restoration company right away because the water and the mold damage can be extensive.

When the water restoration company comes and reviews the damage they will ask for a copy of your homeowner’s policy it will then explain what costs the company will cover. Time is an important factor in dealing with water restoration because you have 24 hours to 48 hours to clean up the existing water before mold can occur.

When the plumber comes to the homeowner’s house ask them if there is a reputable water restoration company that they recommend to help with this emergency.

When the homeowner has a water break under the floor if the plumber discovers deterioration of the piping system is recommended that a temporary patch is not the answer. Hardenburgh plumbing has a complete broken water pipe repair plumbing service in Wellington, Fl we have a 24-hour service that will handle an emergency. Call Us : ( 561) 968-0000. 🙂