Broken Sewer Pipe Wellington FL

Broken Sewer Pipe  Plumbing Solution Wellington Fl

When you have a broken sewer pipe problem you must take into consideration the age of the piping on your house the carries the sewer. Over the years there have been many types of sewer piping for sewer lines. The very first one was made out of straight and hollow logs. But now most of the old houses have cast-iron piping.

Over the years the cast-iron piping has a tendency to deteriorate underneath the slab of the house causing raw sewer to be dumped underneath the house without the homeowners’ knowledge. A scenario like this can cause health issues and bugs in rats a pure nightmare.

Broken Sewer Pipe

Broken Sewer Pipe

So if your house is very old it’s a good idea to have a plumbing contractor in the Wellington area to use a camera to inspect the condition of your piping on your house. Most of the cast-iron that was used has been installed anywhere from 35 years ago.

All the new homes nowadays have PVC installed which will last a lot longer time than cast-iron. Even though the PVC is new but still a homeowner should have their plumbing inspected the camera to make sure there is no root penetration.

The average camera job can cost anywhere from $300-$500 depending on the contractor. But from experience, it would be a good investment for the homeowner has the knowledge of the plumbing under their house reviewed every 10 years to see if there any problems that he could come in the future it is a worthwhile decision.

There are a lot of septic tanks in the Wellington area these tanks need to be pumped out every three years to make sure drain field is not plugged with solid waste. If the solid waste goes into the drain field it can cause damage and cost $7000 to repair. So it’s a good idea, to find a good reputable septic tank contractor who has handled many situations pertaining to the pumping out of a septic tank.

The main sewer line going to the house then to the street usually has problems that need to be snaked out from time to time. The clean out which is a located in the front of your house, so that the plumber can run a sewer cable with a cutter head to clean roots or debris causing a stoppage.

Broken sewer pipeline in Wellington Florida can be a virtual nightmare but if you have a good plumbing contractor and septic tank contractor you will be in good hands.

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